Endlich mal wieder neue Musik von mir.

Nica Junker hab ich vor zwei Jahren auf der Schmiede in Hallein kennengelernt. Nica macht Fotos und das macht sie gut. Für ihre Doktorarbeit hab ich ihr einen Ambienttrack geschnitzt, der in 10 Minuten ihre Bilder erklärt. Und anderrum.

The beauty of the lingering time deals about topics of memories and time and how to visualize a personal feeling of time through my photography. So the sequence was shot on film like rewinding it forward and backward to multi exposure the film. The impression that I tried to visualize is like the one of sitting in a train and looking backwards: the resting, to pause, to memorize, time travel, to go backward in time, the flashback of single pictures in a flow of pictures, in between, a certain to be present in the anywhere and anytime to firstly deconstruct the flow of time to reconstruct a feeling of a lingering time.